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Hi. Are you tired of paying too much money for duplicate keys, locks, security solutions and the services are just not up to the mark? Why waste your time and money on amateurs, when we at Locksmith Tukwila,WA offer you our specialized and professional services at resonable costs. Call us today and get our free estimate. We provide high-quality services and solutions for your home or commertial premise. We create highly secure environments that you, your loved ones and staff can thrive in. We know that our services can be required at any time and are availble to you 24/7. Detailed below are the locksmith and security solutions we provide and you may be looking for.

Key duplicates

Lost keys can be a big problem, but when you call us, we work swiftly to create the duplicates keys you require. We excel at making duplicates for any type of keys for your home, office or vehicle. Open locked cupboards, drawers, old boxes or trunks. You can choose how many keys you want. The keys we create are strong and long lasting.

Locks for your property

Locked doors appear secure until the locks are tampered with or are broken. Inferior locks are easy to break and are like an open invitation to intruders. Secure the doors, windows and other exit points on your enterprise or residential property with high-quality locks. These locks are highly secure and difficult to breach. Secure drawers, safes and other storage spaces with top-quality locks. We excel at providing and installing locks by reputed lock manufactures on your property.

Security alarm systems

Alarm systems deter potential burglers and keep them off your property. Tresspassers can also be kept out when your home or business property is secured with an alarm system. Any attempts to gain unauthorized access is detected quickly as the alarms are set off. The police can get on the scence quickly and you and we are also notifief of the security breach immediately. We at Tukwila,WA locksmith provide, install and upgade modern and superior quality security alarm systems at the most competitive costs.

Secure exit points

When you have many doors and windows on your property, securing each one becomes a security essential to fix the security vulnerability they pose. We at Locksmith Tukwila,WA have tried and tested security solutions that make the exit points secure. Call us today and get us on board. We know what security measures are required to keep intruders out and you safe.

Security management services

Call us and fix every potential security breach point on your property. We excel at providing you with soultions that look into and address every aspect of your at home or commertial property security needs. We offer custom made solutions that include managing and upgrading the security mesures on your premise. Commertial locksmith services

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